Imagine Cup 2016

The teams below have been accepted for the Romanian national finals. See you on Thursday, April 21st, 09:00 AM, at Microsoft Romania.

World Citizenship

  • Beenocular
  • Book-a-Book
  • CodeJunkies
  • Emphtal
  • Knolth Dev Team
  • PharmaByte
  • Project 11
  • Project Interface
  • Team Bloom


  • AlphaQ
  • CTRL Code
  • ENTy
  • Fish Buzz
  • Hadriel
  • Ludicon
  • OnePint
  • PixelCan

09:00Welcome participants
09:30Event opening
09:45Start pitching your projects (5 min presentation + 5 min Q&A from jury members)
World Citizenship Track
11:10Knolth Dev Team
11:30Project 11
11:40Project Interface
11:50Team Bloom
Innovation Track
12:25CTRL Code
12:45Fish Buzz
13.35Lunch break
14.30Judging session
15.30Awards ceremony

Romanian National Finals. April 15th. April 21st

Hey there, good to meet you and thanks for your interest in our competition :-)

Before you go any further, you need to know that Microsoft Romania will host the Imagine Cup National Finals on 21st of April, at Microsoft HQ in Bucharest. Submission deadline for projects is 15th of April. We are keeping this page in English as we might have competitors that are not native Romanians, but feel free to upload your project or presentations in Romanian if that works better for you.

Keep in mind you’ll find the latest news and announcements here. If you should have any questions, feel free to write us at (Denis).

So, let’s get going! Below you’ll see how you can simply submit your project and register for one of the 3 tracks of the Imagine Cup competition - Games, Innovation, World Citizenship:

Registration steps for national finals

  1. Go to and click Register or Sign In.

    You’ll be using a Microsoft Account for this purpose; if you don’t have one, you should create your own.

  2. Now, once signed in, instead of the Sign In button, you will see the Dashboard button.

    Click on the Dashboard to access your custom competitor dashboard, and set your location & University.

  3. Create a New Team and describe as clearly and short as possible Your Project and tell us about Your Team...

    ... Keep in mind that our judges will try to understand what is the problem you are addressing and how you’re trying to solve it in a new or innovative way.

  4. Register your team to one of the competition tracks: Games, Innovation, World Citizenship are eligible for Romanian National Finals.

    (in this example we registered for Innovation competition track)

  5. Return to Dashboard and Submit your project in the registered category

  6. Enter details about your project and team and also upload any other files that would help you better describe the project - Word or PowerPoint files, code samples, demos, videos etc.

  7. And you’re done :-)